The Great Wave

Posted on Sun, 13/10/2019 - 16:57

This is a new song, recorded live in one take.



The Great Wave

I’m smiling in the streets and I’m laughing in the crowd
We’re standing in a line and shouting out allowed
I’m picketing my schoolyard, I’m protesting in the park
I’m trying to light a candle, to demonstrate the dark

Stand up, stand tough Stand up, stand tough
We can’t stop the wave, but we can learn to surf

I’m talking to your brains and I am writing on your heart
I’m hoping for connection to re-ignite the spark
I’m singing in your eyes and I am dancing in your soul
Were emptying our minds out and filling up the hole

Stand up, stand tough...

Let go of this illusion
Walk out of the confusion
You can set your mind free
I can learn to be me

I’m sitting in a box and I am talking to myself
The march I made for protest was a danger to my health
You’re receding in the distance as we roll towards the end
You never really saw me but I wanted to be friends

Stand up, stand tough...

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