One Man Rock & Roll Band

The Songs of Roy Harper Performed by Jon Pollard

Recreate the authentic atmosphere of a Roy Harper gig from the early 90s.

There's nobody else quite like Roy Harper, his unique voice, songs and guitar styles were like nothing else on the music scene. Although massively respected by his peers and working closely with musicians such as Jimmy Page, Dave Gilmour and Kate Bush, he was often overlooked by the music industry. 

What people are saying

  • "Couldn't put a Rizla paper between your rendition and the original"
  • "Best Harper covers I ever heard! absolutely incredible"
  • "Absolutely F***ING AMAZING - a joy to watch"
  • "gives the original a run for it's money"
  • "Impressive and powerful"
  • Thanks, Jon Pollard. That's a Roy gig!!


Lockdown Live Videos

This is one of Roy Harper's greatest songs, originally from the 1972 album Stormcock, it developed over years of performance into a harder, faster, louder song. By the late 80's it would end in distortion and feedback -…
This is my version of Roy's showstopper, Hangman. The original recording of this song featured Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page on lead guitar. In the 80's and 90's, Roy would often end a show with One Man Rock And Roll Band…
One of Roy Harper's finest songs. It's a bit of an epic with lots of twists and turns. The original recording featured Jimmy Page on lead guitar and is one of the greatest bits of guitar playing you'll ever hear.
Cover version of Roy Harper's song Short & Sweet, co-written with Pink Floyd's Dave Gilmour. It featured on the album Unknown Soldier, but this version is based more on Roy's live performances in the late 80's, early…
This is another song from the lockdown Roy Harper gig I did at the end of August. It's one of Roy's most popular songs and shorter than most... It's a beautiful song though which was once covered as a duet by Kate Bush…
Here's another song from my last Facebook live gig, a classic Harper song from the album HQ.
This is a cover version of Roy Harper's great song, Burn the World. This is taken from my Facebook lock-down Roy Harper Tribute gig. I've skipped a few parts of the song which is about 20 minutes long...

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