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Next date set for a Roy Harper tribute show - West Malvern Social Club, Saturday April 27th 8pm
Live from Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes, October 2023.
This is from my gig in Milton Keynes - just the second half of the song.
Me and My Woman taken at my Roy Harper tribute show in Stony Stratford on 28th October 
My next Roy gig has just been confirmed - can't wait! October 28th, York House Arts Center, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes. With special guest Jill Turner.…
The thing is the tune keeps on changing, tunes don't normally do that in 'pop'music.
One of Roy Harper's beautiful ballads. What an amazing fingerpicking pattern - how did he come up with that?
My version of Roys fabulous song I Hate the White Man, live at Bath Komedia May 7th 2023
Roy Harpers song Hallucinating Light from my Komedia Bath Roy Harper Tribute gig May 7th 2023
The big finish from my Roy Harper tribute gig at the Komedia Bath on May the 7th 2023. 
This is a quickly edited video of Burn the World taken at the Komedia Bath, 7th May 2023.
This is the interview I did on BBC Radio Wiltshire in January - before I had to cancel the Roy Harper gig due to illness! So, I kind of saw that coming... I…

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