High Clouds

Our civilization is a jumbo jet pointed at a mountain. Our world leaders are in the first class cabin, ordering another drink and poring over the dinner menu...

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High Clouds


High clouds

Through high clouds
I'm reaching out to you
Have you seen where they want to go?

This plane is crashing now
it's too late
into the mountain
I can't turn my face away

We’re going down
no matter what the movie is
there's no escape from here
no emergency landing strip

The sky so blue all around me now
The clouds surround, our restricted view

I won't be afraid as the mountains loom
Take hold of my hand and don't ever let me go

The twisted metal frame
steel splinters ripping through
cracking sound of branches
your eyes wide open still

The stinging spitting flames
as the rain comes through
smoke fills up your lungs
can we be here at all

No-one can survive
in this wrecked tin can
I don't think even God
is really listening anymore

The light so pale all around me now
The warm embrace of the afterglow

I won't feel afraid now that we've come home
Take hold of my hand and don't ever let me go

Words & Music by Jon Pollard – http://jonpollard.co.uk


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